Seventh and current mobile (since 11-05-2012):
Nokia C5-00



Office third BlackBerry:
BlackBerry Bold 9790

Previous office mobile:

Nokia 6303i (from ?? till 2013)


Office Second BlackBerry 8900 (from 16-09-2009 till 2013)

BlackBerry_b8900curveWeight: 109g
Dimensions:109 x 60 x 13.5 mm
Some features:
– High resolution 480×360 pixel color display
– Transmissive TFT LCD
– Screen Size: 2.44 inches (diagonally measured)
– GPS and Wi-Fi

More about this phone click here.

Office: Nokia 6320i (from ?? till ??)

6230i-red-popIntroduced: 2005
Weight: 99g
Dimensions: 103 x 44 x 20 mm




Previous Office BlackBerry Curve 8310 (from 13-06-2008 till 16-09-2009)

BlackBerry 8310Model introduced: 2007
Weight: 111g
Dimensions: 107 x 60 x 15.5 mm
Some features:
– Full QWERTY keyboard
– Trackball navigation
– Integrated GPS





Sixth and current mobile:
Nokia 6500 Slide (since 27-08-2007 till 10-05-2012)

6500-Introduced: 2007
– Very robust! Brushed metal case
– quick menu’s. because it’s not symbian but native phone software.
– save as many sms messages as you have memory!
– Quite heavy (125g)
– When sliding the phone shut it does not automatically block the key’s.
– You can’t have a video for a contact and a different ringtone. It’s either video (with the sound in there) or a ringtone
– When playing music and the keys are blocked you also can not change the volume



Fifth mobile: Samsung D900 ( till dec 27-08-2007)
d900Model introduced 2006
pros until now:
– good looking!!! 🙂
– very light weight (93gram) for all the features it has.
– very thin 12.9mm (width 51mm, length 103.5mm). slides easily in your pocket.
– very sharp and large color display (240x320pixels)
– when turning on the phone starts up quite fast.
– offline modus for use in an airplane, meeting or date 😉
– i find the menu’s easy to browse through
– sound of calls is very good.

cons until now:
– space key is at the bottom right. therefor you have to bend your thumb very much when texting with one hand.
– no function to let the mobile switch off automatically at a certain time.
– when you wrote a word with T9 and later see that the word is still incorrect the word will not be selected when going back. meaning you have to delete the whole word and rewrite it and then go through the alternatives again.
– when going through the alternative words (T9 texting) you don’t see which word it is from the total alternatives. meaning you have to pay close attention when the word “New” appears in the bottom left instead of “Options”. Otherwise you’ll be going to the alternatives words more then one time.
– outgoing sms are not stored by default. meaning you always have to do an extra action to save an outgoing sms.
– when you want to send an sms the phone by default asumes you want to send it to more then 1 person. you get the contact list and have to select who you want to send to, and then click ok. so even when you only want to send to 1 person you have to do an extra action.
– you can not set another sound/ringtone for incoming sms/email.
– you can not change the volume of the sound for incoming sms/email.
– there are no profiles. you can only chose between Silent or Not Silent. so no easy switching between laying in bed, sitting in a meeting or walking in the park.
– there are a few preinstalled Java games (some are only demo’s). but you can not install Java games/apps that you downloaded from the internet orso.
the only way to get other games on it is by browsing the web from your phone.
– de setting “Automatic Flash” is not saved by the phone. so every time you will make new pictures and need the flash you’ll have to set that setting again.
– there are no other theme’s available yet by Samsung.
– a mayor bug i’d say is that when saving SMS messages on your pc with the Samsung Studio software (or whatever software) it often cuts a message off. Neither a software update nor a firmware update on the phone fixed this yet. (dec 2007)
– SMS messages that consist of more then 1 message (so more than 165characters) can not be read/seen on the pc with the Samsung Studio software (or whatever software). It says EMS message and that you can only read the message on your phone. This counts for MMS messages as well.
– Another mayor flaw is that no date and time is saved for sent SMS messages. So you can never know anymore at what date/time you sent your SMS.
– You can not save pictures or video’s made with the camera directly on the external memory (Micro SD card). so you are always limited to the internal memory left.

Fourth mobile: Siemens S55

siemens_s55Model introduced: 2003
Weight: 85g
Dimensions: 101 x 42 x 18 mm
Pro’s: Very stylish
Con’s: Key’s that were attached per key and very weak fell out after each other.
Got a new plastic/rubber keypad which worked much better. but the stylishness of the original keys was gone of course.




Third mobile: Siemens M35i (xx-06-2001 –

siemens m35i_8Model introduced in 2000
Weight: 125g
Dimensions: 118 x 47 x 22 mm
Pro’s: very very robust!






Second mobile: Siemens C35i (16-09-2000 – xx-06-2001)
siemens_c35_1  Model introduced in 2000
Weight: 110g
Dimensions: 118 x 46 x 21 mm
Fell from 2 stories high and the display went all black







First mobile was a Sagem MC840. One of the first with vibrating function
Lost while walking on the beach at night (Oct 2000). Noticed i missed it when i was already back home. Went back but of course couldn’t find it.


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