I actually stopped playing this game!
If you want to buy it buy it here.

I was really looking forward to it before it came out, but soon after playing I stopped playing.

Heists were good fun, specially playing together and communicating via TeamSpeak. But after doing the heists so many times I didn’t feel like playing it again.
Also the loading times are very frustrating! Losing so much time just waiting and doing nothing!
Even more when players suddenly lose connection and we have to wait a long time again. If only connecting and being able to play quickly would be the case!

Online mode is hugely disappointing. There are hackers, loading times are very long. Also often losing connection and ending up alone in a server. Difficult to join servers where friends are playing.
Because of that I even didn’t play the potential fun missions there are (next to Heists).
Also due to hackers having loads of money (and giving it away) AND the fact that console players could transfer their account (so you’re often with people that are level 100 or higher), didn’t make it interesting for me to develop my own character. I mean, why would I? Just to buy a hydra? Or more cars and more garages? But for what purpose?!  So, no.

So I had some good fun with the game but very very soon I got fed up with all of it and don’t play it anymore. I don’t consider my money fully wasted, but I am quite disappointed.
Back to Battlefield, Ingress, Fallout 4, ArmA 3 etc.

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