WS2811 Ledstrip Controlled Via Wifi With Home Assistant

I followed roughly this guide:

But things I did differently!! :
– I used a Wemos D1 Mini, and other components are also different (see below what I bought!).
– I didn’t power the strip on multiple places. Only at the beginning. In some cases the strip is a little less bright at the end of the strip but it’s hardly noticeable so I don’t care.
– I didn’t use any levelshifters.
– I used this improved DrZzs_LEDs_Pub.ino code instead of the code that the video mentions!

The amount of LEDS I had to put on 103, otherwise the last 3 wouldn’t turn on:
#define NUM_LEDS 106
When uploading the sketch code to the Wemos D1 mini be sure to select as Board: “WeMos D1 R2 & Mini”

I bought these items:

Wemos D1 Mini:…

12 V to 5 V converter (note: you get 2items but only will need 1):…

Diffuser rails:…
But look for anyone which you like!

Easy connections:…
and/or (if you don’t want to solder):…
And header wires:…

5m WS2811 Ledstrip (60leds per meter):…

8A adapter is enough (but if you like you can buy 10A of course):…


I will try to explain this also in text:
So the 12V adapter Power and Ground wires are connected to the Ledstrip.
There is also a Power and Ground going from the adapter to the 12V to 5V convertor.
Then there’s the Ground of the output of the 12V to 5V convertor also going back to the ground of the 12V adapter.
The 5V Power wire from the 12V to 5V convertor is going to the 5V pin of the Wemos D1 Mini
Then there is a Ground wire from the Wemos Ground pin directly to the second Ground wire of the Ledstrip.
The second Power wire of the ledstrip is unused but be sure it can’t make contact with anything!
Then the Data wire is going from the Wemos pin D1 to the green wire of the ledstrip.

To easily connect to the ledstrip (and remove if needed) I cut the connector of the end of the strip and hooked that up at the beginning, that way I could solder those wires to the controller and power but still easily attach/detach it to the strip.

In case the ledstrip is not right next to the controller because you want to place it much further you will need to add 1 (or 3 in case of using the same strip as I did) LED at the beginning right next to the controller, and will then run the longer dataline to the rest of the strip from there.
I noticed this was at least necessary with a minimum length of 1,5meters.
If you don’t do this the ledstrip will not act properly!!! Strange colors, not all leds will go on/off etc.etc. So NOT USABLE!

To easily connect wires to the small 1 (or 3) leds strip you should use these:…
Be sure to buy the 3 pin 10mm version !!!

This is the schema:

I hope everything is clear but do let me know if I can improve this page:
or through Reddit: