The world around you is not what it seems..
Are you ready to explore it?

Ingress is an online, location-based, massive multiplayer, augmented reality game.
It is played mostly via the Scanner App on Android (or iphones) smartphones,
although the intel on the field can be acquired through a desktop/mobile webapplication on the Ingress website.

Here you will find whatever I find interesting to share about the game:

Not a player yet?
Started playing or want to start playing?
My tips!



Not a player yet and want to know what this game is all about, check these links:
What is Ingress? (wiki)
Article about Ingress: Millions of People Around You Are Playing an Alternate Reality Game You Can’t See
Another article about Ingress

So you started playing or want to start playing and want some help? Check these links:
First: Though it’s fine and nice to play by yourself, the game changes when you meet (either only online, or in person) other players.
So the sooner the better: join a local community (find a Google Plus group)!
A primer and FAQ for Ingress
Ingress official help pages
FEV Ingress Guide
Bootcamp: The Unofficial Guide To Level 8
Tips for noobs
Ingress Intel Total Conversion
This is a browser add-on that modifies the Ingress Intel map. It is faster than the standard site, and offers many more features and plugins.
Plugins I recommend (but do look for others that you may like) and which you can use both in de desktop version as well as the mobile version:
– Bookmarks for maps and portals
– Cross links
– Draw tools
– Keys
– Keys on map
– Max Links
– Player tracker
– Show list of portals
– Show more portals
– Show portal weakness
– Sync

Agent Stats (easy to see how you progress and when you will hit next Level etc.)
Medal Calculator
Portal Farm Calculator (how many hacks possible with different kind of mods)
Ingress Portal Farm Calculator
Ingress Reddit forum
Golro’s Guide to Glyphing  /  Glyph words  /  Glyph sequences  /  Glyph Memory App
Ingress Cell map

My tips for (new) players:
Buy a batterypack!
– Use the Intel website! Great to plan where you’re going and what you can do there.
– (Glyph, hold the hack button) Hack all portals you visit.
– Build (place resonators) fully all neutral portals you visit, and place mods (at least any shield or turret mod)
– Don’t try to destroy portals that are 2 or more levels higher than you are.
– Try to make many small fields (= 3 portals linking to each other) to gain a lot of AP (action points) but remember: link as short as possible and prevent creating links that could block other links.
– When firing you can also hold the fire button for a few milliseconds to shoot larger bursts. Try to let go when the firing ring (white circle) that goes in and outwards is the closest to the portal. I usually wait for the second time it will be close to the portal and then let go of the button. That way you can get a 20% larger burst!
– When linking and fielding you can bypass the animations by hitting the backbutton. You can then more quickly do your next action (like linking again).
– When you need to recycle a lot of keys you can do it quicker by clicking cancel right after you clicked OK (to recycle a key). The animation will stop but the key will be recycled.
– Join your local community (search in google groups or ask in COMM in the Faction chat). Even if you’re only on the chat you can already work together with others (like other placing links, and you finishing it to make a field, or vice versa), making it more fun to play.
– When you can meet and play with local L8 (or higher than yourself) players you can quicker gain points (they will share keys and other stuff they can’t use)!
– To zoom in with 1 finger double tap on your scanner but with the second tap, hold your finger on the screen. Now when you slide up or down you will zoom in or out.
– When you start the Ingress app, as soon as you see the world spinning you can click the back button to open the scanner instantly.
– To see a larger area of the map on your screen with portals (default ingress/intel website soon shows only links when zooming out) you can use IITC with the + “Show more portals” plugin and ALSO you can zoom out your browser! Just hit Ctrl and – or (in Firefox) click View -> Zoom -> Zoom out.
– If you mess up a glyph hack, you can hit the home or power button to abort it and start again. This only works if the process is not yet finished.


If you have any questions or feedback, just email me ( !

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