Kodi / OSMC

I love Kodi as a home theatre media centre entertainment application. And now I’m running it on a raspberry pi3 which works very well.
The source (where all the files resist) is still my pc, but soon it will be a NAS.

So on the pi3 I installed the OSMC OS (which includes Kodi), which is very easy to do.

And I setup Ambilight in combination with Kodi!  See this page where I tell you about it.

Additionally I installed the Arctic Zephyr skin because I like it and it’s still fast and light. Mind you that you can not to go the OSMC OS menu when this skin is loaded!
If you need to be in the OSMC OS menu (i.e. to configure network or other things) just activate the default Confluence skin temporarily.

Also I have this in my advanced settings file so movies don’t get tagged as being seen if stopped within 90% minutes of watching and don’t get a “resume watching” marker if stopped within 2 minutes of watching:

More Advanced Settings options you can find on the Kodi Wiki.

I’ll write a bit more later on. For instance about making a backup of your SD Card.

If you have any questions about any of this leave a comment or email me at LVerduijn@hotmail.com

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