My Home Automations

Here are some Home Automations I have setup using Home Assistant as the central platform.

For now I’m not sharing all my code because it contains private and sensitive data.
If you are interested in something specific just let me know and I can share with you the code, stripping out what I don’t want to share.

– I have a Google Home Mini linked to Home Assistant. I use it to interact with Home Assistant and to cast audio notifications.
– I can turn on lights, set the temperature in specific rooms, turn on a radio station, turn on/off the tv, turn on the computer etc. all by voice through the Google Home Mini.
My wife also uses the Google timer a lot when cooking or working out: “Hey google, set timer 6 minutes”. Or to turn on the radio.

– Of course it’s tracked if any of us is at Home or not. This is used for certain automations/notifications.

– Using a cheap LUX sensor the lights in the living room turn on when it’s becoming darker in house, but a condition is the time of the day because in the winter it gets darker much earlier than we are at home so in that case they will turn on at a specific time. Of course when we’re already watching movie/series the lights don’t go on too bright.

– Water sensors are under the kitchen cabinets (there is a power socket there so I’d like to know asap when the dishwasher or so is leaking water) and in the storage room (where the water-pipes come in the house), alert me in various ways when there is a leakage.

– When I start my pc (either using the button or telling the Google Home Mini “Hey google, turn on computer”) the pc speakers will turn on as well (sonoff plug), and of course they turn off when I shut down my pc.
– Also when it’s dark enough the ledstrip (through Wemos D1 mini) in my computer room will also turn on when the pc starts.

– When pressing the off button of the Hue dimmer (wireless buttons to control your Hue lights) the tv also turns off. If I long press the off button the Thermostat will also turn down to sleep mode.

– When we start a movie or series the lights in the living room will dim slowly to a low brightness (I do not like watching in the total dark).
When we pause they go a little brighter again.
When the movie or series is finished the lights to back to the normal brightness unless it’s after 22:00, in that case they only go a little brighter so we are not becoming too much awake again 🙂

– When the doorbell rings a message is played on the Google Home Mini and we get a notification on our phone in case we didn’t hear the bell or Google Home.
– Also when the doorbell rings and we are watching a movie or series it will pause it and show a message on the tv screen as well.

– When we get a phonecall and are watching a movie or series it will pause and show on the tv screen who is calling. When we hang up it will continue playing. Note that this is not related to Home Assistant as it’s a Kodi + Yatse feature :).

– When a smokesensor goes off all smart lights will turn on with full brightness, the rollershutters will open, we will get notifications on the phone and I will also get a phonecall.

– When the washing machine is ready Google Home Mini will say that. The people that are at home will also get a notification and when the tv is on a small popup notification will show for a few seconds.

– With cheap bedsensors (each bed has a sensor) I track which beds are taken and have automations running when someone (or both) go in bed or out of bed.

– Sensor in mailbox. I receive very little paper post these days so a sensor in the mailbox is very convenient. Now I only have to open it when there is actually something in it.

– The dehumidifier on the attic will only turn on between 9:30AM and 9:30PM because when it’s working it makes some noise that I don’t want to hear when I’m trying to sleep :).
The device itself already senses if it’s actually needed to dehumidify the air or not. When the reservoir is full the device will stop working and a red LED will light on. First I tried to make a watersensor to know when the reservoir is full but it seems that it’s such different water that I couldn’t get this sensor to work (it did work perfectly with water from the tap, but with the water in the reservoir…….nothing), so then I stuck a LUX sensor right on top of the red LED. Now when the led goes on I will get an email notification that the reservoir is full and I should empty it.

– When a door or window is open for more than 5minutes while the heating is also on the people at home will receive a notification, Google Home Mini will play a message, and if the TV is turned on it will show a popup.

– When everyone left home but a door, window, shutter, heating is still open or on we’ll get a notification on the phone.

– I can set the time and duration for “morning heating”, which is that only the living room, bathroom and dress room will heat up at that time and for that duration so I’m more motivated to get out of bed when it’s cold :).
I have 1 switch in Home Assistant so that this happens each morning, or when I turn it off it will not happen.
I have also a switch to indicate if I’m going to be working at home that day, because then after the set time duration the heating will stay on, however it will switch off the heating in the bathroom and dress room but will turn on the heating in my office room.

– I can also set the time and duration of the “evening heating”, which is that for a set duration the bathroom and dress room will heat up a little bit. For the very cold days.

– The light on the first floor hallway turns on automatically but depending on the time of day with a different brightness. Late in the evening it doesn’t turn on very bright and even later at night it doesn’t turn on at all.

– In the morning (between the times that I usually leave for work) 1 light in the living room will turn on red when the time to work exceeds the usual time, meaning there is a traffic delay.

– I run 24/7 on call shifts for work where also the system can call me when a process is in error. When that happens at night my computer will automatically start as well as a few lights in the house so I can quickly find my way. When I’m downstairs the computer is started and I can login at work right away.

– Battery status of most wireless devices are tracked and I receive a notification if it’s too low

– Active/not active status of some critical devices are tracked and I receive a notification if one goes offline

– I also have an alarm system but don’t want to share my setup publicly.

A few of the many devices linked to my Home Assistant platform:
– Multiple Zwave smoke detectors
– Multiple Zwave door/window sensors
– Multiple Zwave thermostat valves
– Multiple PIR sensors (Philips HUE)
– Rollershutter control through zwave
– Floorheating control through zwave
– Doorbell and door/window sensors through RF433 signal
Lux (light), Temperature and Humidity sensors through multiple Wemos D1 mini wifi sensors
– Google Home Mini (Google Assistant)
– Smartphones (for presence detection through wifi and bluetooth)
– TV (+ build in Chromecast)
– Soundbar (+ build in Chromecast)
– Kodi ( mediaplayers
– Many lights (bulbs and ledstrips) through Philips Hue, IKEA Trädfri, Sonoff and Wemos d1 mini (for the ledstrips)
– Toon thermostat (through a rooted device via ip)
– Computer (Wake On Lan via ip)
– Computer Speakers (through a Sonoff smartplug)
– Washing Machine (through a fibaro zwave smartplug)
– Dehumidifier devices (through Sonoff smartplugs)
– Notifications through email, twitter, telegram, television (popup) and google home mini
– Alarm devices (sensors, camera’s, controls, notifications and alerting)

To prevent others from wasting time I also want to mention a few things I tried but were too difficult or didn’t have the expected result:
– I tried creating a rain sensor with 2 sensors (to improve accuracy) but in the end it was not working reliable and decreased overtime. The sensors got polluted (or whatever the word is when water affects it) and worked even less.
So if you want to make this yourself I recommend NOT buying these but look for alternatives or for something which is a finished product.

I hope everything is clear but do let me know if I can improve this page or if you have questions:
or through Reddit: