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Tips, tricks and interesting links for your Rift DK2
Stuff I recommend to try on your Rift
Websites that gather demo’s
Game specific information for playing with the DK2 (ETS2, E:D)


Tips, tricks and interesting links for your Rift DK2.

  • First and most important tip:
    Buy screen protectors for your lenses!
    As the lenses do not have any coating to prevent scratches you will, even with a clean cleaning cloth, scratch your lenses.
    So just buy these cheap 40mm savvies via Ebay for instance.
  • If your IPD if wider than 63,5mm or smaller than 63,5mm be sure to check out the adjusters that VR-Gear sells (be sure to use the software “hack”!!!).
  • Another tip is maybe not for everyone, but if you feel your nose is uncomfortable in the Rift, just fold a cleaning cloth and put in the holder where your nose would be.
  • If you will switch lenses often, or want more cleaning tools than just the cleaning cloth, consider buying a lens cleaning package like this one.
  • Because many demo’s need special startup parameters I strongly suggest to use VR Game Manager from Bilago, which contrary to what the title suggests is for all your Rift demo’s/apps/games.
    Use that tool to easily start your demo full screen, setting the Rift as your primary monitor etc. This will save you tons of time!
  • If you are having problems with your DK2 be sure to check out this DK2 Troubleshoot List to try and find a solution.
  • If you somehow can’t use your A lenses anymore you can buy adjusters that will make your B lenses the same as the A lenses. Buy them here.
  • Find a lot of information about the Oculus and the DK2 on Reddit.
  • For some games (at least Elite:Dangerous) this trick seem to help a lot against judder/stutter if you have a i5 or i7 CPU! Park CPU cores!

Stuff I recommend to try on your Rift:

Not yet live but sounds quite interesting is AltspaceVR.

Websites that gather demo’s:

Game specific information for playing with the DK2:

More links (not really up to date) for and about your DK2.


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