Home Assistant

I’m using  Home Assistant (also called HASS) for more than a year now and am very happy with it!
A FREE platform to automate and control many devices in and around your house.

This is an example:

I’ll be posting more in the future but for now, if you’re interested, read this:

I’ve installed Home Assistant on a raspberry pi3 using the Hassbian image. Mind you that you can also run it on other platforms!
Just for your info, I’m also running Pi-hole on the same pi3, a neat ad blocker for all your devices!

What I have in my house.
Cheap Ledstrip.

For video’s about HASS (Home Assistant) go to this channel: BRUH Automation.

And there is a Dutch topic on Tweakers about HASS!


I’ll post more about whatever I find interesting. Until then if you have any questions about this, Email me!

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